TCM 56XL tyre changer machine

TCM 56XL Tyre Changer Machine

  • Applicable to diverse tyres of trucks, buses, tractors, and other heavy duty vehicles
  • Mounting arm enables the work easy
  • The moveable control station makes the operation much more convenient
  • Operating power 400V / 3 Phases / 50 Hz
  • Including clamp covers, grease gun and tyre levers

TCM XL clamping


TCM 56XL specifications

ModelTCM 56XL
Clamping range14-56 Inch
Max. wheel width120 cm
Max. tyre diameter250 cm
Max. wheel weight2000 kg

TCM 56XL Tyre Changer Machine

    • Clamping range 14-56 Inch

    • Model TCM 56XL

    • Available from stock

    • 1 year warranty

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